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americans. the bomber drove into a nato patrol. doug mcelway joins us live. it was a couple weeks ago the u.s. suspended patrols with afghan soldiers because of these insider attacks. have these joint patrols resumed now? >> reporter: they have. they resumed last thursday and the insider attacks have also resumed. not only the attack you just mentioned but also the suicide bomber attack, homicide bomber attack. the motorcycle laden with explosives drove into that marketplace. critics say this attacks reflect an obama foreign policy that refuses to acknowledge the reality on the ground. u.s. marines are tying tourniquets to their legs in hopes of surviving ied attacks before they go out on patrol. >> we are going to get after this. it reverit. it reverberates. we are willing to sacrifice a lot for this campaign but we are not willing to be murdered for it. >> reporter: the death toll reached 2,000 over the weekend. martha: what is the afghan point of view as far as we can glean about these insider attacks? >> reporter: critics say the obama administration has set a date for withdrawal extra. >
for funding from the 2009 stimulus act t promised to create 38,000 u.s. jobs including 59,000 at its own plant. since taking office the obama administration clean energy and clean jobs investments cost taxpayers nearly $100 billion. martha: ouch. bill: that won't come up on monday night or will it? who knows which way they will go. that's why we watch. martha: china angle perhaps. bill: could be getting started a group of cheerleaders score a legal victory in fight to use banners with bible verses. war of words far from over here. we'll tell you why. martha: three days to go, everybody before the third and final showdown between president obama and governor romney. mike huckabee on what each candidate needs to do on monday night to win voters. bill: new information who knew what and when regarding libya. how we're learning the top cia official in libya knew within hours that the u.s. had been hit by terrorists on 9/11. >> the security in benghazi was a struggle and remained a struggle throughout my time there. the situation remained uncertain and reports from some libyans indicated it was gett
is worrisome to u.s. officials. who is that? >> reporter: his name is mohammad jamal ahmed. he's establishing terror training camps in the libyan desert. he's about 45 years old. he lives in libya. he learned bomb making in afghanistan in the 80s. he has been part of the egyptian islamic jihad movement, may have been one of its leaders and western officials believe he's building his own terror network. he also has ties to al-zawahiri, the head of al qaeda. ahmed is said to be asking al-zawahiri if he can start an al qaeda units. it was terrorists who trained at his training cam who attacked the consulate in libya. megyn: this paints a picture of a much more active movement going on on the ground in libya and it raises questions about how aware they were of this growing threat coming from libya. what are members of congress saying about this? >> reporter: they have the same question you did. he has said the i.s. needs to deal with this as a terrorist attack. here is more. >> it's well planned to have this be a spontaneous event. the concern is if we don't treat this what it is, a terrorist att
days after that briefing, u.s. ambassador to the u.n. susan rice took to five different sunday talk shows to say it was not a planned attack. it was another three days after that, before any senior u.s. official publicly stated that the benghazi incident was indeed a terrorist attack. >> americans deserve the truth on what happened. and so i think what you're going to find is these bits and pieces are going to come out. again i think we're both troubled by some of the things we saw and unfold. >> reporter: the house oversight committee hearing on the benghazi attacks gets underway tomorrow at noon. a lot of people will be watching, martha. martha: there is sort of a drip, drip, drip effect to this story. and some lawmakers are still questioning what the administration itself knew before these attacks. >> reporter: you know congressman jason chaffetz of utah just returned from benghazi. early this morning on fox he pointed out some obvious warning signs that preceded the attack. >> twice in the lead-up to their attack on 9/11, our compound in benghazi was bombed. twice the british am
. and the second there was so many warnings that they felt that an attack on the u.s. consulate by terrorists seemed a foregone conclusion. allison. alisyn: that's right. given all the new information that came to light at the hearings what is the fallout now for the state department? >> reporter: one theme really dominated at the hearing. initial washington was so preoccupied reducing number of american personnel at the consulate and replacing with libyan guards even after a series of attacks on diplomats. for diplomats and security personnel on the ground a terrorist strike on the consulate seemed inevitable given escalating violence especially violence targeting western sites even in benghazi. requests for more security were ultimately rejected and lost in the bureaucratic nightmare of political washington. >> it is not the hardships. not the gunfire. it's not the threats. it is dealing and fighting against the people, programs and personnel who are supposed to be supporting me and i added it by saying for me, the taliban is on the inside of the building. >> reporter: but yesterday ambassa
in nebraska. a hope for former revival of former u.s. senator bob kerrey, gives a republicans a chance to win a democratic seat at least by the polls. deb fisher enjoys a solid lied over kerrey with less than two weeks to go. republicans need to net four seats to take control of the senate if president obama is reelected and three if governor romney wins. bill: governor romney is making what is considered a closing argument on the american economy. you will see that live this afternoon in iowa. mary katharine ham, editor-at-large for, a juan williams, political analyst are both fox news contributors. what is happening you two? bono is u2 but you are bigger than bono. romney will say, 23 million people are out of work or looking for work. 4 million people on food stamps up from four years ago. he will argue 16 trillion of debt in the past four years. that is his closing argument, right? >> his argument beyond that i have a plan. he will go over the five-point plan. he will make it very explicit. his main issue hey check out the last four years we're five trillion more in debt than w
revealed in the death of u.s. border agent nicholas ivie. the national boarder patrol union confirming friendly fire was the cause of death. ivie opened fire on two fellow agents thinking they were armed smugglers. he was killed when they shot back. his commander and family remembered his bravery during vigils over the weekend. >> i explained to agent ivie's family that if the investigation reaches that conclusion and that agent ivie gave the ultimate is being nice and served his countried. >> we'll know we will be able to see him again. that definitely is what is carrying us through. patti ann: the two sets of agents had approached an area where a censor had been triggered in southern arizona near the border. funeral proceedings for nicholas ivie get underway this morning. bill: governor romney riding a wave of momentum after his performance last week in that big debate number one. the crowds are getting bigger at campaign events. about 12,000 greeting him in port st. lucie, florida, the east coasts atlantic side. 3,000 in the overflow rooms. the republican nominee getting rock star t
there was only one u.s. diplomatic security agent stationed there. @ frank, instead of scratching your way to retirement, get on e-trade. set up a real plan. frank! oh wow, you didn't win? i wanna show you something... it's my shocked face. [ gasps ] [ male announcer ] get a retirement plan that works... at e-trade. martha: top republican lawmakers saying the intelligence community and the white house are once again trying to change the narrative regarding what happened that night on september the 11th in benghazi, libya. here is senator lindsey graham from the weekend. >> what happened in benghazi is a case study in failure at every phase, before, during and after. and what they did after the attack i think it just absolutely unacceptable. they tried to confuse, delay and deny, create a narrative, this was a spontaneous event when it was not because the truth of the matter is the benghazi, libya, consulate was a deathtrap long in the making. martha: boy. so republican congressman mike rogers says he believes the new intelligence disclosures that have been coming out in some reports in the
of the senate intelligence committee telling fox the suspect is in custody but significantly u.s. authorities are being denied access to this member of the group ansar al-sharia. >> we don't know very much about him because we have not been able to have access to him. that is one of the problems with the policy of this administration. the turks did take possession of him but they weren't prepared to let us have any access and didn't and now that they have turned him over to the tunisia i hope maybe eventually we will. but at this point in time we've not had access. >> reporter: the suspect is described to fox, tunisia ann by. he is described as a suspected participant and not a commander of this assault. again he is someone put at the scene based on his comments to a very close circle of contacts. bill: we're trying to piece all this together, catherine, terrific reporting as well as rest of our team in washington. list cheney reacts to this in 10 minutes. thanks, catherine. martha: big, big, story. back on the election front. there are 13 days to go. it is truly a sprint to the finish at thi
that the president offered on the u.s. intelligence community and the inherent chaotic nature of the event itself. >> as the intelligence community has now said their assessment now over the last month changed. but everyone in the administration was trying to give information to the best of their ability at the time with the caveat that more was likely to be learned and that there would be most likely changes. so the fog of war, the confusion that you get in any kind of combat situation, remember this was an attack that went on for hours. >> reporter: one of clinton's assistant secretaries testified last week she was following the events in dpauz gauze in realtime, -- benghazi in realtime, bill. bill: u.s. ambassador susan rice is also talking. what is she saying, james? >> reporter: was ambassador rice's appearance on five sunday shows on september the 16th asserting benghazi was a protest over anti-islam film gone awry and not a premeditate attack, led critics of the administration to cry cover-up. she too effectively blamed the tell fence community for her false statements. she adamantly denie
they could look to to assist the federal prison system and ultimately move guantanamo detainees in the u.s.? >> there is federal law that prohibits that from happening. previous administration and this administration looked at a variety of options in the united states or housing guantanamo detainees and obviously a military brig facility would make some sense if they were to make that move. but the american public is against this move left and right. the senate, house democrats, house republicans, democrats and republicans on both sides are against it. there is a federal law that prohibits it. so unless the administration wants to flout federal law, it's not going to happen. bill: 12 minutes before the hour. florida senator marco rubio says tonight's first presidential debate will come down to just one thing. and all this talk and all this preparation. one thing. we'll bring you his answer on that. jamie: he's known for not holding back. but republicans are seizing on a new comment from vice president joe biden. we'll have a fair and balanced debate on what he said straight ahead. >> this
. now this document describes an attack on a shelter about a mile away from the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, under mortar attack. here is secretary of state hillary clinton downplaying some of those e-mails a bit yesterday at the state department. >> you know, posting something on facebook is not in and of itself evidence and i think it just underscores how fluid the reporting was at the time and continued for some time to be. bill: senator john mccain is one of three members of the senate who just sent a letter to the white house asking for more questions. member of the senate armed services committee. sir, welcome back here to "america's newsroom". >> thank you, bill. bill: my first question is a simple one. based on the e-mails that are we're now seeing that were transmitted to hundreds of members of the administration throughout washington, how do they now change the story in your view? >> well, it's just, by the way, i always admired secretary clinton and frankly i'm, i'm really a little bit saddened because she is really harming her reputation by engaging in this in
in a variety of different contexts that the obama policy in the middle east has left the u.s.-israel relationship in at that timers and has left israel in a much less secure position. and i think this is a very important issue going forward, both in terms of the continuing global war against terrorism and the existential threat posed to israel by the iranian nuclear weapons program where again governor romney in tempered and restrained language explained how obama had failed these past four years to do much of anything to slow iran down. martha: there was that moment, let me stay with john bolton for a second. there was a moment where bob schiefer asked what would you do if you got the call that said israel had attacked had attacked iran? what do you think of that mitt romney's answer, saying that wouldn't happen, they would be consulted about it first? >> i think the change in the relationship between israel and the united states under a romney presidency would mean that we wouldn't be surprised. i think the real risk is, that under obama, that israel feels so isolated, feel
of a context since 9/11, more than 50 terror plots against the u.s. have been thwarted, one of every four terror plots involved new york city as its target. martha: back to politics now. governor romney continuing his surge in the polls, expanding his lead mopping likely voters in a key national poll this morning. let's take a look at the gallup daily tracking poll which finds the republican presidential nominee leading president obama by six poiptsd, 51-45. the governor's lead is well outside the poll's margin of error which is two%. fox news contributor karl rove had this to say. >> this is the first time that romney has hit 50% in the gallup likely voter poll and, the president has never hit 50% in the likely voter poll. and no candidate who has led in mid-october with 50% or nor in the likely voter poll has ever gone on to lose. martha: keep this in mind, this poll was taken before tuesday's presidential debate. we'll have to see if those numbers tighten or change a bit based on people's reaction to that. bill: a lot of times folks tell us give us three days. three days of polling to
'll move away from the storm for a moment here now. there are new reports from u.s. intelligence sources on the deadly attack in libya. fox news reports a terror suspect held in custody in tunisia has been identified by way of surveillance video from the benghazi compound the night of the attack. but the u.s. has not been able to talk to him. randy forbes, republican from virginia, member of the house armed services committee, and sir good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: how does it impede an investigation if you can't talk to the only man that we believe is under arrest at the moment, or being held? >> well, bill u know that is hugely important to this investigation, and it plays into part of a larger narrative that we've been asking for several weeks now, and one of them is, did we have the military assets that we needed to defend u.s. interest? if not, why? was it because of all these defense cuts? secondly if we had them why didn't we use them? because they were there and available. and the third one is why are we having this massive attempt to try to cover this up, begi
. this is the first u.s. ambassador that has been killed since 1979. susan rice came on this show and five other and gave the american people a story that turned out not to be true and you're saying we shouldn't discuss this? that we should wait for the investigation to be completed? >> no, no. >> that's what you just said. >> that is, chris calm down. that is obviously not what i'm saying. i just -- >> you wait a minute. we should follow the lead of chris stevens -- >> i'm happy, i'm happy to discuss it with you. >> talking about what he said day after the attacks. nobody is criticizing him what is he saying now except except the obama campaign. >> well, i'm just telling you that from the beginning of this issue, before any facts were known he was cravenly trying to exploit it. look, that is politics. i understand that chris. i understand the whole deal. we're in the last three weeks of a campaign. of course governor romney will be out there talking about this issue but the president's concern, the president's concern is to get to the bottom of it. to bring terrorists to justice. martha: well,
: a hero's escort for a u.s. border patrol agent killed in the line of duty. the body of nicholas ivie driven to a tpaoup funeral home in arizona. they were attacked along a known smuggling route near the mexican border in arizona. they remember him as a good agent and kind father. >> being involved in a law enforcement position is one where you literally risk all, and he was willing to do that, and in the end he gave his all. very soft-spoken, gentle giant if you will. bill: he was 30 years old, married, father of two and we remember him fondly. martha: many political experts saying that governor romney had to go in there last night and shakeup the 2012 race during that debate if he wanted to do well when it came to the actual voting in the beginning of november. he and the president battled over issues on the economy, they talked about healthcare. so, how did mitt romney do last night? let's talk to herman cain. he debated governor romney several times during the primaries, a former presidential candidate of course and also the ceo of godfather's pizza. good morning, mr. cain happy t
time in recent history that the united states support of israel has become an issue in the u.s. presidential election. the prime minister's office this morning flatly refused to comment on or off the record specifically about the debate but last month they made no qualms about their annoyance with the president of the united states for denying that meeting request with the prime minister of israel at the united nations. and during the debate, vice president biden had to spend a lot of time defending the administration's record with israel. >> they're bebe has been my friend for 39 years. the president met with bebe a dozen times. he spoken to bebe net yaw hue has much as he spleen to anybody. >> the prime minister has made no public stance who he would prefer to see as president but privately made it very clear that he would view a president romney as a much better friend to israel than a second-term president obama, but that is not necessarily a universal feeling here in israel. jamie, there has been a lot of pundits and a also a lot of political figures here in israel who cri
this morning. the u.s. military is now setting up camp in jordan to help with humanitarian crisis that is spilling in from syria. the task force ss it is ,0 reehoveeg come across tt border. the obama administration declined to offer military support to rebels in syria fighting governmentorces there. so far more than 30,00 ncchn s.i0,000 peopl hve : tst t ly m mitt romney now leading president oba in scott rasmussen's swing state survey, 49-47%. that poll tracks 11 key bagr ss t t eyoerargo oins, fox news contributor, served as national direct for president ronald reagan's re-election team in 1984. he worked on numerous other campaigns. good to have you back. >> good morni. waoopecs s mt. raspngt yoei out there? >> momentum clearly gone toward romne momentum is important in the closing days of the campaign. he has it. the that debate made him an acceptable alternate to the president. th baln tdent has d mnnia, his people are enthusiastic. we always knew it would be a close race. right now people are very, very enthused about romney's opportunities. bill: you say that voters are j
. economists say a healthy u.s. economy would have a jobless rate of about 6%. that is shown by the yellow line you see across the chart there. today's report shows the unemployment rate dropped but stayed well above this mark of a healthy economy. so much of this comes to people, how they feel about how they're doing right now. bill: quick check on the health of the economy and how things are going. we'll check out that throughout the morning here. at four minutes past the hour now. governor romney building on momentum of his successful debate performance, taking dead aim at the president's jobs plan. here is governor romney with sean manty last night. >> what i find so offensive about his tax plan, by raising taxes on small business, as he does, he will kill jobs. and right now, what america needs, as much as anything else is more jobs, more jobs more take-home pay. is the whole focus of my campaign. i know what the president's been campaigning on and saying about me is very different than what i actually am, what i actually believe. that is where the difference came. what the president has b
. the attack will not break the bonds between u.s. and libya. fought back against the attackers. you could make a clear argument here, governor, i think that's what you're doing, how far the president went that day. >> absolutely. he did not say that the attack in benghazi was an act of terror. in fact, five days later his u.n. secretary, ambassador, was out on every major news channel on the sunday talk shows, saying it was a consequence of this video that no one ever saw. by the way, bill, step back for a minute here. when did those attacks owe your? -- occur. on september 11th. 90% of the americans when they understood that our facility had been attacked and your ambassador killed on september 11th, woo not think it is some spontaneous uprising but it's a terrorist attack. but since day one this administration has always looked to find what is it we have done wrong to provoke this action by others from the beginning of his global apology tour, statement after the embassy in egypt was attacked and trashed. where they basically apologized because of the video. this administration's instinct is
coast, affecting 1,000 miles of u.s. coastline and canada. as far inland as chicago. 7 million people are without power, basically, you don't expect anyone to have power today. it is the exception, if you have power. this super storm sent a record breaking storm surge into lower manhattan, the likes which has never seen. a wall of 14 feet of water, like a freight train into lower manhattan. sandy churned up dangerous seas over a stretch of atlantic nearly 1600 miles in diameter. and one of the worst stories is the six alarm fire sweeping through a flooded neighborhood as if the flood wasn't bad enough, then came the fire in queens, new york. this is a very old neighborhood, an area where people do not like to leave their homes. the flames destroyed more than 50 family homes in breezy point. it is still burning as we speak. 200 firefighters responded to this scene. they found a large number of people who had ignored warnings to get out of that area. the water started rising and then the fire came and that forced the firefighters to put their own lives at risk to save people from those
including u.s. ambassador to the u.n., did interview after interview connecting the attack to anger over a movie. bill: want to start with peter doocy live in washington. the why is the state department now saying the attack not spontaneous? >> reporter: because lethality and number of armed attackers is unprecedented in recent diplomatic history. plus there was no protest in front of consulate on the night of the attack. the people inside the compound heard explosions before 9:00 p.m. >> we have no information to suggest that it was a plea planned attack. -- preplanned attack. it is not reaction to the 9/11 anniversary that we know of. >> in fact this was not a preplanned, premeditated attack. >> reporter: we know the administration did internally classify as a terrorist attack within 24 hours. we expect to hear a lot more three hours from now in a house oversight committee hearing just across the street that is being billed simply as the security failures of benghazi. bill. bill: i'm looking at four witnesses. any heads up what they will say, peter? >> we heard a little bit from two of
pennsylvania or the state of new york or perhaps over all of the northeastern part of the u.s.? >> two most reliable computer models have been consistent indicating landfall is expected across central and southern new jersey as we head into evening overnight. we known that for a few days. that is good news. we know the storm system is going. but impacts could be very devastating and possibly catastrophic for some people especially towards coastal area where we're expecting a high storm surge. it could weaken inland but it is a large storm. it will take a long time to weaken. it is forecast to slow down and linger several days. we could deal with showers and clouds as late as thursday or friday of this week. expectedding several days here of stormy conditions across the northeast and the worst of the storm is forecast to be as we head into tonight, overnight hours and early tuesday but heavy rain still forecast through the day on tuesday and even early wednesday, bill. bill: what a remarkable time this is. a remarkable story. thank you, maria. election is affected by the hurricane. early vot
Search Results 0 to 45 of about 46 (some duplicates have been removed)